eBazaar is an online shopping portal exclusively for expertly refurbished mobile and Prexo mobile phones by eZone, Chennai. Prexo mobile Phones are well conditioned mobile phones which have been used by someone else.Prexo mobile are completely tested by our QC team and the products might have some minor dent and scratches. The body and the display of the mobile phone is Original. We have highly skilled in-house experts to refurbish used mobile phones and restore them to mint condition with genuine spares. With high quality products on offer at very affordable prices and dealer warranty to back them up, we have created a niche for ourselves in the used/ refurbished mobile market. The quality of our refurbished phones has earned us acclaim and accolades from all over the country.

Our parent company is an innovation leader in India. The company has an illustrious history of being among the first in bringing some of the most advanced technologies and devices from around the world to India, such as the smart tv console that converts an ordinary TV into a smart TV. With the philosophy of innovation at its core, and a vision to offer the best and latest technologies at affordable prices to the customers, the company has taken numerous initiatives to march towards the vision. eZone and eBazaar are in line with those core beliefs and they testify our commitment to innovation, quality and affordability.